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Star Wars Episodes IV-VI Character Poster

Star Wars Infographic

The Star Wars Episodes IV-VI Character Poster from designer Wes Anderson is a fantastic visual tribute to the Star Wars series.  The limited run of 500 printed posters sold out in a few days on Spoke Art, but everyone can still admire the design online.

In 1978 my father took me as an excuse to go see that movie about silly robots and spaceships that everybody was talking about. I didn’t get much at that time, since I was very young, but what I do remember well is how much I enjoyed beginning my first geeky action figures collection that came right after the movie. My first figure ever was Luke Skywalker, a figure that got lost over the years. I’m still looking for it on my parent’s attic. Where are you Luke Skywalker?

With the time I became a fan, of course. As homage to that great moment of my life, here’s a new poster featuring (almost) every character of the first Star Wars trilogy in order of appearance. It is of course limited and numbered. If you want a copy, this link will take you to Spoke Art Gallery’s online shop where you can easily order one and receive it at your front door. We gave the mailmen specific orders to be dressed as Storm troopers during delivery, but they didn’t take it so well, so they probably won’t.

Star Wars Episodes IV-VI Character Poster detail

Latest Man of Steel Movie Poster


New Man of Steel Movie Poster – Superman

Man of Steel

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusive #95: Huckleberry H.R.Pufnstuf 7 Color Print Poster

Los Angeles, CA (July 2, 2012) – Huckleberry (booth# 3449) has partnered up with their friends at Toddland to put together an amazing array of exclusive goods, meet & greets and FUN for the San Diego Comic Con 2012!


Sid & Marty Krofft

Sid & Marty Krofft are back this year with a whole new panel and a rare glimpse into never-before-seen network footage of their classic show Land of the Lost, on Saturday July 13, 2012 upstairs in Room 23ABC.  After the panel, the Kroffts will be in the Huckleberry booth at 2:30PM for a signing.  In honor of their Land of the Lost presentation, Huckleberry has created some exclusive San Diego Comic Con merchandise for the occasion.


We have a very limited number of cool sleestak skull shirts ($20), embroidered hats ($25) and buttons ($2) that will be for sale.  Artists Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo have created some amazing limited edition hand-pulled silk screen poster prints.  Tom Wahlen’s Land of the Lost 6 color print will come in a numbered edition of 125pcs and sell for $60.  The 6 color variant version will be a numbered edition of 75 pcs and sell for $85.  Dave Perillo’s H.R.Pufnstuf 7 color print will come in a numbered edition of 125pcs and sell for $50.  The 6 color variant version will be a numbered edition of 75 pcs and sell for $75.

New The Dark Knight Rises Movie Poster

Ryan Gosling In ‘Walt’: The Fake Walt Disney Biopic Poster Created By Pascal Witaszek

Is Ryan Gosling starring as Walt Disney in a Disney biopic directed by Ron Howard? Sadly, no. But after looking at this mock movie poster for “Walt,” the story of “a mouse and a man,” created by French artist Pascal Witaszek, it might just need to happen.

In an email to The Huffington Post, the artist says that his tribute to Disney and Ryan Gosling is a part of his biopics series. “It seems that a lot of people share this funny association between two talented people,” Witaszek says.

Maybe instead of investing $250 million in making box office bomb “John Carter,” Disney should have thought about making this fake Walt Disney biopic into a reality.

New Dark Knight Rises Movie Poster

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Poster Revealed

San Diego Comic-Con Movie Poster – Jonah Hex