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The ‘Lost’ auction: A list of notable purchases

The ‘Lost’ auction: A list of notable purchases

Yes, someone did pay $25,000 for this. (Profiles in History)


We may be living in challenging economic times. But that didn’t stop some “Lost” fans from spending $5,000 on a 12-pack of Dharma Initiative beer — or $16,000 for the door to the Swan station — during this weekend’s “Lost” auction.

Bidding got frenzied and expensive during the two-day sale of props, costumes and other assorted gems from the “Lost” production closets. Held in Santa Monica, Calif., but open to bidders who participated in person, via phone and online, the Profiles in History auction netted $900,000 on Saturday, according to the New York Times, with Sunday totals projected to go well over $1 million.

One Celebritology reader told me she was lucky enough to snag Sawyer’s outfit from the pilot episode for the bargain basement price — in “Lost” auction terms, anyway — of $650. But the majority of items tended to go for upwards of $1,000, making bidding from one’s home laptop an often disheartening affair. (What? I can’t even get some Apollo candy bars without dropping 2K?)

Here’s the rundown on some of the more notable gets from the weekend, based on my research, data compiled by The ODI and information from the New York Times.

Dharma Volkswagen van: $47,500

Daniel Faraday’s journal with Jughead notes and reminder about Desmond Hume being his Constant: $27,500

The Frozen Donkey Wheel: $25,000

Hurley’s Camaro: $24,000

A copy of the pilot script, signed by J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof: $15,000

The fail-safe key turned by Desmond Hume: $11,000

The controversial squirrel baby could have been yours’ for a mere $2,750. (Profiles in History)

Jack’s bloody outfit from the final scene: $10,000

Large piece of the fuselage: $9,000

Charlie Pace’s Drive Shaft ring: $9,000

John Locke’s suicide letter to Jack: $9,000

Kate’s toy airplane: $6,500

Benjamin Linus’s fake money and passports: $5,000

Hurley’s notebook with his rewrite of the “Empire Strikes Back”: $4,250

Sawyer’s copy of “Watership Down”: $3,300

Claire’s Squirrel Baby: $2,750 (perhaps it didn’t go for more due to the Squirrel Baby controversy?)

Rousseau’s music box: $1,800

The fact that you now can’t afford your monthly mortgage payments because you spent so much money on “Lost” auction stuff?: Priceless.

By Jen Chaney
The Washington Post
August 23, 2010; 11:05 AM ET

LOST Auction later this month

The LOST prop auction is August 21-22 at 1:00 PM (Pacific Daylight Time)  in Santa Monica, California. Dan and I are thinking of doing a road trip to go down to the auction and have a look-see. I have about a 1/2 dozen items I am interested in, but I think 2 of them everyone else will be too.

The address of the auction is:

Barker Hangar
3021 Airport Ave.
Santa Monica, CA  90405

Here are some photos of some items that are going to be up for sale. I’ll try to show some photos each day until the auction.

LOST: Sawyer’s “Son of a Bitch” Video

I saw this mentioned in the Must List of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. BTW, this issue also has a book excerpt from the new 30th anniversary: The Making of The Empire Strikes back (see cool issue cover to the right.

In the video, I really like the part where Sawyer says “Son of a bitch.” Enjoy!


LOST Auction in 2010 – Good ol’ DHARMA Food

props-lostdharmaproductsEven though the LOST prop auction is not until next year, you can start saving now to purchase your own stash of Dharma food products. Sawyer says the Dharma beer is better than microbrew. The Profiles in History auction will take place in 2010.

LOST Auction – Some items from the 2010 auction

While Dan was at San Diego Comic Con, he took some pictures of some items that will be in the LOST auction that Profiles in History will be having next year. I thought I would spend the next few days previewing these items. This first one is the Swan hatch door that blew off during the meltdown. Stay tuned!