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Is Luke Skywalker Living in your Freezer?

Luke Skywalker is the 99 percent

Luke is the 99 percent

Dan and Mark Hamill at SDCC 2009


Dan finally got his fanboy wish – he met Mark Hamill who otherwise is known as Luke Shywalker. Dan met him at San Diego Comic Con 2009 a few weeks back. The force is strong with you Dan!

Part 36 Star Wars: Smiling Luke Skywalker Action Figure SDCC 2009 Exclusive

lukeHasbro Smiling Luke Skywalker Action Figure

Convention Price: $9.99

It was LUKE SKYWALKER’S boyhood dream to one day pilot an X-WING STARFIGHTER for the REBEL ALLIANCE – and when that day came, he was all smiles. Hasbro is offering a 3-3/4-inch “SMILING LUKE” action figure exclusively at Comic-Con 2009! Includes ladder and pilot helmet.

Please check with Dan at the store to see if we will have any of these available. Dan can be reached at customerservice@toyanxiety.com. Please mention that you saw this on our blog.