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SDCC 2011 Exclusive #89: Gentle Giant Squirrelpool SDCC Exclusive Mini Bust

Originally created an April Fool’s Joke from the Marvel Comics website, Gentle Giant is proud to bring you an original character – Squirrelpool! Based on everyone’s favorite Merc With a Mouth, Squirrelpool is undoubtedly just as skilled a fighter and vicious a killer as his human counterpart. If he could speak English, this ravaging rodent would undoubtedly be just as foul as well.Cast in high quality polystone, individually numbered and hand-painted, this truly unique mini bust is ready to burst onto your shelf and into the Marvel  Universe! Make Mine Marvel!

Limited Edition of 550 Pieces

Pre-orders are open to Premier Guild  members with current membership status. If you have not renewed/purchased your  2011 membership your order will be voided/canceled. Pre-orders will be shipped  after San Diego Comic Con. This item is limited to one per customer account.  ALL duplicate orders will be canceled.