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This weekend! Phoenix’s Littlest Toy Show


Phoenix’s Littlest Toy Show

By Steve Jansen, Fri., Jan. 14 2011 @ 9:00AM
Do you love Star Wars, Star Trek, and G.I. Joe action figures? What about Hot Wheels and Marvel Comics?Do you like unabated toy browsing in confined spaces rather than an overwhelming retail environment? Are you on the verge of having a conniption fit because everything you just read is, like, your dream come true?

Well, don’t, because you can get all of this and more when local super duper geeks toy vendors post up in one spot during the first Phoenix’s Littlest Toy Show in 2011.

On Saturday, a number of Phoenix-area sellers (but not too many) will be out in full force and doling out deals on collectible toys and merch — many of the tiny twelve-inch variety — at 13825 North 32nd Street, Suite 42.

Located just off of Thunderbird Road in the same complex as Toy Anxiety and War Toys, the adult- and kid-friendly nerd fest, organized by Rusted Halo Incorporated, goes off from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will also feature movie and television memorabilia as well as some other stuff, according to Javier Garcia of Toy Anxiety.

“The ultimate goal is to have some sort of show, whether it be a comic book or sports cards going on Saturdays every month,” says Garcia. “We are also looking to have more of a focus for each show. The one on Saturday will feature 1/6th scale dioramas and tanks.”Just look for the Benjamin Moore sign, and you’ll find the vendor tables.

Admission is free. For more info, call 602-923-8697 or write to Javier@war-toys.com.