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San Diego Comic Con 2012 Exclusive #98: PopFun Batman The Dark Knight Returns ‘Toon Tumbler

Price: 10.00 Production Run: 1200

PopFun will be selling a SDCC exclusive Batman™ The Dark Knight™ Returns ‘Toon Tumbler® at booth 4051. Only 1200 of this heavy-duty pint glass featuring classic Batman art and the SDCC show logo will be available for sale at $10.00 each.


Christmas at Disneyland’s Toontown

Source: Micechat.com

In Mickey’s Toontown, new holiday decorations have rolled out.  Interestingly, Disney has promoted the new decorations as if the holidays are new for Toontown.  In fact, at the Christmas Day Parade Taping on Saturday, the emcee announced to the crowd that Toontown would be decorated for the “first time ever.”

The reality of the situation is that Toontown has been decked out for the holidays for years now, with clever decorations specific to the various storefronts and facades throughout the land.  Disney made a point to specifically mention the new Christmas trees in Toontown in its annual press release this year:

Nearby, in Mickey’s Toontown, the centerpiece of the new holiday décor is an 18-foot cartoon-style Christmas tree in front of Toontown City Hall. Sculpted garlands and wreaths adorn the Toontown gazebo and add holiday cheer to the Gag Warehouse. The personal  Christmas trees in the front yards of Mickey’s and Minnie’s houses also carry the “toon” theme.

The new trees are actually not new at all.  Christmas trees have routinely been put up in front of Toontown’s City Hall and Mickey and Minnie’s houses, and while these  trees are new for Disneyland, they aren’t new for Disney theme park guests.

These new trees are from Walt Disney World​’s now-defunct Mickey’s Toontown Fair, which has since closed to make way for the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland expansion.  It’s interesting that Disney has done away with Toontown’s old Christmas trees to bring in old decorations from Florida and is now marketing them as all-new offerings.

These new plasticky “toon” trees aren’t really the greatest, but they aren’t terrible.  They’re also not necessarily as good (or as big) as the themed Christmas trees used in Toontown in previous years.

SDCC Exclusive #8: Mattel Cars Toon Tokyo Mater

Mattel Cars Toon Tokyo Mater
Convention Price: $20

All new die-cast vehicle from the hit cartoon Mater’s Tall Tales (“If I’m lyin’, I’m cryin’!”) on the Disney Channel. With “flames” shooting out the back!