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New Products in our Phoenix Store as of 10/28/09

Dan just sent me a list of new products in our Phoenix store. If you are interested in any of these products, please e-mail Dan at customerservice@toyanxiety.com.

Diamond Select

Back to the Future Part 1 Electronic 1:15 Scale Delorean

Ghostbusters Slimer Bank

Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Electronic Phaser

DC Direct

Blackest Night Series 1 Figures

JLA IC Classics Series 1 Figures


El Superbeasto Action Figures


Star Wars 3 3/4 Legacy Figures Wave 10 and 11

Titanium Vehicles Wave 11


Ghostbusters Ray 6″ and 12″ Figures

He Man Classics Teela and Zodak


Futurama Series 7 Figures Hermes and Professor

HALO Wars Mega Blocks Building Sets

Terminator 2 Endoskeleton Type 1 and Type 2 Metal Figures

World of Warcraft Deluxe Illidan (Demon Form) Figure


Lots of Loose Star Wars Figures and Vehicles

Loose Lord of the Rings Figures


New Products and Restocks in the Store for 8/05/09

Dan just sent me a list of new and restocked products in our store in Phoenix. If you are shopping in the “bricks-and-mortor” store and purchase one of these items, tell them you saw this on the blog to get a 10% discount. Offer valid until August 19th, 2009.

Diamond Select

    Ghostbusters 11″ Stay Puft Vinyl Bank Regular Happy Version

    Ghostbusters 11″ Stay Puft Vinyl Bank San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Angry Version

    Minimates Ghostbusters San Diego Comic Con Exclusive 2 Pack

        Includes Glow in the Dark Stay Puft and Ghostbusters 2 Peter Venkman

    Minimates Marvel Dark Avengers San Diego Comic Con Exclusive 4 Pack

        Includes Sentry, Ares, Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel

    Star Wars Ultimate Quarter Scale Mace Windu

 DC Unlimited

    World of Warcraft Premium Figures Series 1

        Gnoll Warlord: Gangris Riverpaw

        Tuskarr: Tavru Akua

 Doctor Who Classic Daleks Figure 3 Pack